Volo Kids is on a mission to use play to build communities of active, resilient, and confident kids. 


In 2015, we asked ourselves a question: What would the world look like if every child had access to free and safe play? 

In just 6 short years we have started to see glimpses of what that world would look like. Spoiler alert- it’s filled with LOTS OF SMILES. 

More importantly, it is filled with lots of EQUITY. 

Today over 4 million children are classified as physically inactive and engage in no sport activity throughout the year - over 30% of those children come from households where the average income is under $25k a year. 

Youth participation in sports is not just about money- it's also about ACCESS. Currently children that grow up in urban environments are 4 times less likely to play sports after school than children that grow up in rural settings because of a lack in safe environments to play. 

With your help, we can change this.

We are running the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon for #TeamVoloKids to provide free sports programs to over 300 children. Help us unlock the power of play by supporting our campaign today.

With gratitude,

Team Volo Kids

Team Volo Kids 

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